Bus Rider

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography

Boldly Go

I was drawn to his gaze.  Although his back was to the front of the bus, and the rear didn’t have a window, he seemed to be starring toward the tail end as though there wasn’t any.  As though he were looking toward an optimistic and auspicious future.

6 thoughts on “Bus Rider

  1. Really like this capture, and also your interpretation of it. He’s probably standing that way because it’s the most comfortable position to be in, and he doesn’t mind where he is right in that moment. Though I must say there seems to be a bit of creasing between his eyes, or his eyebrows slightly furrowed. I’m guessing he’s looking at something behind the bus and he’s drifting off in thought as a result.

    From the angle you took the shot, I’m guessing you were seated. If so, lucky of you to get a seat on what looks like a packed bus.

    • Yes, I was seated, and I’ll bet you’re right that he was probably just comfortable in that stance. I like to let my imagination run away with people watching and street photography, nevertheless. Especially when I imagine the best of my fellow human being in this cynical world.

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