Local Views

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary urban photography

Night on the Town

This is an old shot from 2014. It’s how Hughson and King William looked for decades before LiUNA razed the old S.S. Kresge’s department store building (last being the home of Delta Bingo) to the ground to erect a new condo complex. That’s the building there to the left and receding to the right along Hughson North.

Over time, people will forget about how this looked. Those of us in the know may eventually be left with a little nostalgia about this intersection until we too are no more. There will come a generation that might wonder about what certain parts of Hamilton; currently seemingly insignificant, looked and felt like. The way some of us now wonder how things were fifty or more years ago, and scan vintage public library photos of old architecture, people, special events and daily life.

I hope this picture, among all the others that I take, becomes a timecapsule. A record of historical importance to those that all of this may matter to. This is where and how we lived.

This is our place in the world. We are The Hammer.

6 thoughts on “Local Views

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  2. I have always been fascinated by a photos ability to create a time capsule about the time the photo was taken. This photo still looks contemporary in my view, but image how changed everything will be 50 years into the future.

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