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I am a visual artist and modern day flâneur. I have an interest in the goings on of people and the communities they live in all around the world. I’m especially focused on those of my home Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. So, I explore and record by illustrating what I see and learn about, mainly through the application of the related genres of street, urban, rural and homeless photography; maybe also a little photojournalism here-and-there.

I hope that my work here serves to remind people anywhere that every moment in our lives is precious. Not just those obviously important points in our lives but also those fleeting moments in between that act like chain links or glue to connect those important events.

I also hope that my street photography will function as an idea maker. A source of discussion and inspiration behind eventual means taken to correct community problems and encourage noted positives anywhere on the planet.

I dream of my art both entertaining, enlightening and motivating all; of it being an important means to eliminate or reduce poverty, hunger, mental illness, low self-esteem, addictions, compulsions, laziness, avarice, jealousy, vanity, elitism, mercilessness, willful ignorance, hatred, abuse, neglect, violence and loss.

By the way, if you see a photo that you happen to be in and it gives you concern, please drop me a discreet line proving that you are the person in the shot and I’ll be happy to remove the image from the blog with equal discretion.

If you like the picture that you’re in, then also send me an e-mail proving that you’re the person in the image, and I’ll send you a free print.

Welcome to the Hammer Home Street Photography Project.

–Allan “TheMOFMan” Hamilton

Purchasing, verification, leasing and shipping: All images are copyrighted, and certain images are available for sale, rental, lease and/or licensing.  Please inquire regarding any desired purchases or image use licenses.

All listed prices are in Canadian funds.  As computer monitor display settings can vary, prints may not exactly match the likeness of the image as seen on your monitor. Orders will begin processing upon receiving full payment.  Shipping and handling costs are added to the price of all orders (I personally deliver to addresses within 40 kilometres of the city of Hamilton, ON, Canada as part of a meet and greet, and waive the shipping costs).

North American orders will be shipped by Canada Post Xpresspost.  Costs for packaging and shipping range from $20-40 depending on size and destination, and include insurance and tracking.  A physical address is required for all orders.  Post Office Box addresses are not accepted.  Most items are expected to reach their destinations within 2 to 3 weeks after an order is placed but prints may also take up to 8 weeks to arrive depending on the image chosen, and Modes of Flight’s (MOF’s) assignment travel schedule.  For rush orders or special needs, please contact MOF. Also contact MOF for outside North America shipping charges and delivery time estimates.  Overseas orders are subject to duties and taxes which are charged upon delivery.

All prints are carefully created and inspected for the highest image reproduction standard, and packed securely for shipping.  In the rare case where an order is incorrect, damaged in transit or flawed in some way, please contact MOF immediately to advise.  MOF will take the necessary measures to correct the situation.  Please retain all packaging exactly as received in damage insurance related claims.  After the carrier has inspected the item or contacted you for a statement, and settled with MOF, MOF will replace the item at no cost to you.  MOF takes pride in providing only the finest quality art products.  All sales are final.

Contact MOF to inquire about rental and leasing conditions, commissioning artwork or if you just want to say hello and talk about art.  MOF reserves the right to edit and post any letters it deems appropriate on its web sites.

All the best,

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m not sure if this is the correct area to post a note to the photographer or not. So, just in case it is, I would like to say that this representation of downtown Hamilton is really only half of the story. There are some great things happening. I hope that you intend to do some work that will reflect the “other side of the story” as well.

    • Firstly, this is definitely a good place for your comment. As I’ve indicated above, if you ever want to say something more private, certainly e-mail me. I do appreciate your more open dialogue though, that’s what I hope more will be willing to be a part of.

      Secondly, you’re absolutely right that this is only part of Hamilton’s contemporary story. As I’ve indicated in the Project Outline, I’ve been working Hammer Home for many year’s now but my putting it out there in this form is relatively new (about a year at present). If you keep returning, and digging through, you certainly will see more. This is a life project for me, not a short-run burst. Come back at your liesure.

      There definitely are great things happening. They will be shown. They may not appear in this project as you may expect them to because this project is largely done through street photography, not so much photojournalism as would be the usual approach in illustrating a community.

      As with any other photographer, I shoot what I want to shoot but I do take requests and recommendations. That is, if there’s something; a story about Hamilton, that you would like me to capture don’t hesitate to let me know. If you want to show it to me personally, it can be arranged; you have all the necessary means of contacting me at your disposal.

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